Our Impact

Can you imagine a life where you haven't eaten in days?
You pass the time wondering when'll be the next time water will touch your tongue.
You're either blistered by the heat, or frozen by the freeze.
Now imagine all this, at the tiny age of 3.
How can this only be up to me?
A thought you probably might be thinking at this point. Here at PALIDRIP, it's simple.
For every purchase you make, whether it be a Crewneck or a single sticker, we donate a meal to a child in need. 
We are partnered with a certified organization that has been supporting worldly causes by providing water wells, medical supplies/machinery, mass meal distribution and more for the past 12 years. 
We choose to give back in anyway we can. We KNOW, together, we can make an impact that could save the lives of many and ease the pain of the suffering. YOU could provide healthy meals, clean water and proper medical supplies to those who need it most in this world. 




Something for you, something more for them.


 We Also Donate Locally!

We are based in Ann Arbor, Michigan and love to help our community as often as we can! THE PALIDRIP TEAM donates prepackaged, ready-to-eat meals every week. These meals are easy to prepare, and focused entirely towards children and their daily nutritional needs. With simple ingredients, whole wheat based carbs and sugar free alternatives used in the making of these meals, we can assure that only the best is provided. On average, we provide around at least 50 meals or more every week. The organization, Food Gathers, is a highly professional, well-organized and clean establishment. We are so proud to work with them and we will continue to donate as much as possible.

Food Gatherers


Pictured: A recent donation of 60 meals.

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