Our Story

Every year I had the chance to travel back home, to the motherland, Palestine. Every year I'm rushed with the essence of what it means to be Palestinian. The culture is there. The food, the dress, the language, the land, it embraces you so tightly you can't help but feel overwhelmed with pride. Unfortunately due to the mass pandemic the world has witnessed over the passed year, I wasn't able to make it back home. My heart was calling. My mind was aching. My soul needed the reboot only a plane ticket straight to Jerusalem could fix. 

So what my family and I did was this, PALIDRIP. We brought Palestine to us here in the states. By staying up countless nights, while caring for a couple of crying babies, my wife and I poured our whole being into this project. With our family by our side, Through numerous trials, 1,000 mistakes and alot of prayer, we bring to you,


Not only do we embrace our own culture but respectively all countries within the middle east. We share a way of life that embodies passion, pride and a joy for life. Although it can be hard sometimes (there is so much pain in this world). We strive to make a difference however big or small through donations and spreading awareness for the Palestinian and overall Arab culture in our products and content.
We love and thank you for shopping with us. 
 Your Family, 

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